Sporting Events Not To Take Place in Netherlands Until July

No official confirmation as yet but doesn’t look positive for MXGP season opener with the Dutch Government making the below announcement today.

“Organizers of concerts, festivals, sports competitions and congresses can start planning their events again after July 1, the government said. If events have to be canceled due to corona measures, the organizers will receive a kind of cancellation subsidy from the government”.

“The organizations receive 80 percent of the costs incurred back as a gift. The remainder of the amount is paid out as a loan. 385 million euros has been reserved for the scheme. The scheme applies to events until December 31st. Events that were initiated last or this year are covered by this regulation if they are moved to a date after July 1”.

“The government expects that more will be possible from that date, although it remains uncertain. Everyone from the age of 18 is expected to have been vaccinated or have had a first injection in July”.

Source:  – Image Credit: Ray Archer

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